“DENARO” mediates the sale of various types of undeveloped real estate, such as: investment areas, industrial plots, construction plots, agro-construction plots. We offer areas of various sizes ranging from several hundred meters to several hectares. We mainly serve the area of ​​the Lodz region, although not only.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current offer


Industrial area 8 ha with the development plan

I offer for sale a large industrial area located in the Pabianice commune. The area consists of 6 plots with a total...Read More→

16,000,000 PLN

Investment area 3.2 ha

For sale, an investment plot with a total area of 32,023 m2 located in Łódź. The area has a shape similar to...Read More→

8,000,000 PLN

Investment plot - great location

For sale, investment plot with an area 14,646 m2. The plot is located in Łódź at one of the main access roads....Read More→

3,661,500 PLN

A unique area - a large park

I offer for sale a unique area – a large park of 3.5 ha. Plots with a total area of 34,700 m2...Read More→

2,900,000 PLN

Industrial area 0.8 ha

To sell a large industrial area in the town of Lubień gm. Łęczyca. The plots have a total area of 8.000 m2....Read More→

320,000 PLN

Rolno budowlana działka - duża powierzchnia

Agricultural and construction plot – large area For sale a large agri-building plot in the village of Dzierzbientów Mały. The plot has...Read More→

230,000 PLN

An attractive investment plot

An attractive investment plot For sale a very attractive investment plot. The plot area is 4.000 m2. Dimensions: front 37 m, length...Read More→

1,200,000 PLN

Industrial area close to the highway - at a great price

For sale a large industrial area I offer for sale a large industrial area of 4.5 ha in Ozorków at the exit...Read More→

1,800,000 PLN