The city of Łódź, due to its rich history related to the textile industry and the industrial revolution of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, can boast of a very large number of tenement houses. Virtually the entire downtown of Lodz is or constituted this type of building. The most beautiful of them are, of course, situated on one of the longest street in Europe – Piotrkowska street. Many of the tenements regained their former splendor thanks to private owners. Others are or will be renovated at the initiative of the city as part of the “Mia100 tenements” program. However, many buildings are more or less neglected. Due to the large number of buildings of this type in the city, they constitute a significant share in the general real estate market. A large number of them is used as service, commercial or restaurant premises. The remaining are residential premises. Is it worth investing and buying a flat in a tenement house? What are the pros and cons related to this:

a) cons
– often, premises will require considerable expenditure for renovation
– as a rule, there are several premises in the tenement house, so housing communities are not large (which is also a plus)
– some objects are subject to the protection of a monument conservator, which sometimes hinders renovation work

b) pros

– the main plus is the “nature” and “atmosphere” of these buildings
remarkable architecture and often history
– the rooms are high and large
– often original decorations are preserved (stucco, fireplaces, parquet)
– rents are usually lower than for a similar size in a block
– and of course, the location – the very center of Łódź
– a big plus is of course the purchase price (although the condition of the premises has the greatest influence here).
For lovers of history and connoisseurs of interesting architecture, Łódź is a unique place, but unfortunately often underestimated. Among the offers in my office I would like to pay special attention to two:

  1. flat for sale
  2. premises for rent